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Squirrel – Services

Squirrels Treatment

Squirrels Treatment

Removing squirrels is not an easy process. Getting the animals out safely and ensuring that they won’t return is a complicated process and can involve several stages such as trapping, sealing entry points, and removing animals manually. In some cases, more than two visits are in order to apply and treatment process as follows,

  • the target animal is live trapped using either an open wire or closed poly trap dependent on the type of animal involved
  • entry points and/or other attractants are noted for the site to minimize and/or eliminate
  • bait is peanut butter, apples or other fruits and nuts for squirrels; apples, spruce/pine boughs, piece of salt lick or dried fruit for porcupines; and, sardines, bacon or honey-soaked bread for skunks
  • the target animal is gently moved within the trap into a secure place on our vehicle then taken out of city limits and released back to nature
  • contact numbers are left directly with key people on the trap sites to minimize the time a trapped animal spends within the trap
  • if warranted another trap is placed out and subsequent animals especially if from the same family group are released in the same natural area as the initial release At all times the purpose is to remove the nuisance animal with the least stress for all involved in the process including the animal, trapper and other individuals.

Squirrel – Information

Squirrels Facts

Squirrels Facts

Squirrels are particularly active during the summer, fall and spring. Since they mate twice a year, they can cause problems when they make their way into our homes to nest. Squirrel removal is essential so that you avoid any potential damage to your home.

Squirrels, though cute and fuzzy, can cause serious damage to the wiring in your home or business. Untreated, un-removed squirrels can quickly strip the wire, in your attic, down to the copper.

Squirrels commonly den in busy urban and suburban areas, and tend to do even better in these areas where there is ample food and shelter than more remote natural habitat. Relocating wildlife also does not address the real source of the problem, which is a structure that has not been properly animal-proofed or a food source is available.

DIY – Do it yourself tips – Squirrels

DIY – Do it yourself – Squirrels

Buy or rent live animal cage trap at Ecopest store, use peanut butter or apples as bait and place where squirrel activity noticed.

Squirrels – FAQs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Squirrels

Q: Can squirrels cause damage to my home?
A: Squirrels can damage your home first by trying to gain entry by chewing holes in the exterior and then by nesting in attics where they can chew wires and damage insulation. They can also cause damage to lawns and landscaping as they scavenge for food by burrowing in the ground, chewing on the bark of trees, and eating tree fruits and nuts.
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