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Mice Control

Mice Control Services in Edmonton

Mice Treatments

Mice Treatment to Commercial site
For bigger commercial sites, we will send a technician to visit the site and provide free assessment and quotation; for the smaller commercial sites, we can provide quotation over the phone depending on the size of site. For a professional treatment, we will need to carry out an initial treatment followed by regular monitoring and rebaiting program in order to achieve optimum control:

Quarterly/Monthly monitoring and treatment Program:
Following the initial service, we recommended that a monthly/quarterly pest control program be implemented to provide ongoing mouse control. The first visit will be commenced 30 days from the date of initial treatment. Price will depend on the size of the site and mice activity. The monthly service will include internal and external monitoring, servicing equipment and re-baiting as necessary. A report will be submitted following each visit recommending rodent proofing and other safety measures.

Mice Treatment to Residential House:
Our technician carries out rodenticidal baiting treatment. When our technician arrives on site, they carry out an inspection inside the house to locate where the mice are frequenting. Upon determining this, they place out commercial strength poison bait in the areas of activity. This bait is placed in tamper proof stations to ensure that pets and children cannot access the bait. The technicians then carry out a complete inspection of the premises for all potential mouse entry points. They locate and draw these areas to your attention and recommend how they should be sealed.

HV Cleanup

HV Cleanup
Hantavirus is a disease carried by deer mice that can spread from the mouse, its droppings, and urine. It cannot be transmitted from human to human, only from deer mouse to human. It is fatal in 65 to 77 per cent of cases. Therefore, we recommend that cleaning up mice droppings be done by professionals. We apply germicidal to neutralize any viruses, and then clean up and remove the droppings. Generally we do this after a mouse treatment has been carried out, so that the mice are gone. Otherwise you will need a few HV cleanups rather than just one.

If you would like to book HV cleanup, please call our office at780- 448-2661 or email us at service@ecopest.ca.

More Information on Hantavirus – PDF

Hantavirus Q & A – PDF

Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing
Most houses have potential entry points that mice can access your house by. These are often around plumbing, electrical wires, vents, doors, attached garages, etc. We undergo through inspection and seal all possible entry points where mice can gain entry and establish runways.

Ecopest is the premier rodent proofing service provider in the Edmonton and the area, please call our office at 448-2661 or email us at service@ecopest.ca for more information.

Mice Information

Mice Facts

Mice are common in all parts of Canada. They can range in color from dusky grey to tan or brown, and measure overall from 2.5 to 4” long with large ears and long tails. Deer mice are 4 to 9” long, reddish-brown in colour with a white chest, white feet and a bi-coloured tail (brown on top/white on the bottom)…Read More

DIY – Do it yourself tips – Mice

Prevention of Mice

Since the contributing factor to a mouse infestation is the presence of food, good housekeeping is essential. This includes the proper storage of foods in sealed jars or tins. In addition all refuse should be stored in containers with tight fitting lids. Seal all openings to the outside, especially those around doors and windows, such as cracks or faulty weather stripping. Improperly installed garage doors, and openings around pipes and electrical wiring also provide entry into a residence for mice. All potential entry points inside should be properly sealed, as well. These include cracks in corners of cupboards, improperly fitted baseboards, openings around pipes and air vents. Generally, using steel wool or a caulking compound to close off access points is sufficient.

Control of Mice
There are several products available from Ecopest Inc. professional developed for the control mice.

Mice – FAQs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Mice

Q: Do mice travel under snow?
A: Yes

Q: Can mice climb?
A: Yes, they can climb. They have been known to climb to get into dryer vents and even attics.

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