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Larder Beetle


Larder Beetle – Services

Larder Beetle Treatment

Larder Beetle Treatment


  • Internal spray to basement, house and external perimeter spray
  • Purchase Eco Bug Buster + Insect Monitor traps

Larder Beetle – Information

Larder Beetle Facts

Larder Beetle Facts

Description & Biology

Larder Beetles, as their name implies, prefer meat or meat by-products. This could be decomposing animal, poultry, insect or other non-plant materials. Mounted animals may also become infested. However, Larder Beetles can survive on other organic materials too. Infestations in homes most likely come from infested dry dog and cat food or bird feed. …Read More

DIY – Do it yourself tips – Larder Beetle

DIY – Do it yourself – Larder Beetle


Storage of food in glass, plastic or metal containers with tight fitting lids will lessen the chances of a larder beetle infestation. The first step in controlling larder beetles is looking for the source of infestation. If you find an infested product or item, do not throw it away before destroying the infestation. To kill insects in a package that you intend to throw out, place the package in an oven at 125 to 140°F and heat for 30 minutes to fully penetrate the package. Other means of destroying the pests is to place the package in a freezer at -20°F for a week, or spray with an insecticide. Only then should you discard the infested package. This will keep the pest from spreading.


There are several insecticides available at Ecopest to control larder beetles by yourself. There is no need to spray walls, ceilings or floors because the insects usually hide in cracks and crevices, or in food packages. Vacuum and remove dust and debris from cracks or crevices, permitting better penetration of insecticides. The vacuum cleaner bag should be put into a plastic bag and sealed before disposal to prevent insects from spreading.

Larder Beetle – FAQs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I recognize a Larder Beetle?
A: The Larder Beetle is a common household pest, especially during the spring. The adult beetle is 6-9 mm long, oval in shape, dark brown to black in color with a transverse, wide, pale yellow band at the base of the wing covers. The band has six dark spot and the under surface of the body and legs are covered with fine yellow hairs.
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