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Carpet Beetle


Carpet Beetle – Services

Carpet Beetle Treatment

Carpet Beetle Treatment


  • Internal spray to basement, house and external perimeter spray
  • Purchase Eco Bug Buster + Insect Monitor traps

Carpet Beetle – Information

Carpet Beetle Facts

Carpet Beetle Facts


The Carpet beetle, commonly found in all parts of North America, is oval in shape, measures approximately 1/8” with an irregular arrangement of white, brownish and yellowish spots, or a solid black shell, when fully matured. While in the larvae stage, they resemble tiny reddish-brown worms, approximately 1/4″ long. The body can appear striped, and is always covered in numerous fine hairs…Read More

DIY – Do it yourself tips – Carpet Beetles

DIY – Do it yourself tips – Carpet Beetles

Prevention of Carpet Beetles:

There are several ways to prevent an infestation. Thoroughly wash sources of pollen and nectar before bringing into the home, and remove nests of birds, bees or rodents from around the home to discourage adult Carpet Beetles. In the home, a regular program of cleaning carpets, furniture and storage areas will discourage the development of Carpet Beetle larvae.

Control of Carpet Beetles:

Ecopest Inc. has products which are developed for the control the Carpet beetle, and depending upon the severity of the infestation, one application may be sufficient. For the heavy infestation consult Ecopest Inc. professional for an integrated pest control program.

Carpet Beetles – FAQs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Carpet Beetle

Q: How to recognize a Carpet Beetle?
A: The Carpet Beetle ,common in all parts of the North America, measures approximately 1/8”(2 mm), with an irregular arrangement of white, brownish and yellowish spots.
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