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Bed bugs

Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Removal Edmonton

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Our Trained K-9 offers a 90% accuracy rate, as opposed to the approximately 30% accuracy rate of a trained human inspector – and no other company can offer that! A trained pest management professional can only detect …Read More

Targeted Heat Treatments

Targeted Heat Treatment

Targeted heat application is one time treatment which involves three parts as follow:
1. Thorough inspection done with our bedbug detecting dog and technicians
2. Treatment
3. Free 30 days follow up inspection …Read More

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

Without proper preparation of rooms, bed bug outbreaks are more likely to occur again. ECOPEST has the experience and resources to implement control over the situation and help prevent further outbreaks. Most tenants are not aware if how to properly prepare a room before having their suite treated. It is challenging for some clients when they have limited time and mobility to prepare rooms for treatment. Our service will ensure that rooms are properly prepared and appropriate order is restored once treatment is complete.

If you would like to book a preparation, please call our office at 780-448-2661or email us at

Heat Chamber

What is heat chamber?

The heat chamber is an eco-friendly method for getting rid of bedbugs and wood destroying insects in furniture and other items. The heat chamber will heat items up to 45°C and will maintain a bedbug killing temperature for up to four hours. This effectively treats items that are sensitive to chemicals, cannot be treated, or that you would prefer not to treat with traditional insecticides. …Read More

Bed Bug Information

Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs are small, flat, reddish-brown insects that are found in people’s bedrooms. They can be found along mattress seams, box springs, headboards, and baseboards, where they hide during the day. Bed bugs have a one-year life span during which time a female can lay 200-400 eggs depending on food supply and temperature. Eggs hatch in about 10 days…Read More

DIY – Do it yourself tips – Bed Bug

While bed bugs can be very difficult to control without pest control professionals, you can succeed to some extent if you are thorough in keen identification, preparation and treatment.

– Start by getting rid of any clutter, as this will eliminate the places they can hide.
– Next, seal all items in plastic bags before moving them from the infested room. This will prevent you from spreading the bed bugs to other rooms and making your problem worse.
– Look for bedbugs droppings, eggs and live bedbugs in the bedding, furniture and baseboards.
– Identify the infested area and spray with Eco Bug Buster.
– After spraying protect your bedding with bedbug mattress and box spring covers.

Bed Bug – FAQs

Q: Where do bedbugs come from?
A: Bedbugs are spread through human travel. They can be obtained from visiting a hotel, hostel, family, or friends. They can be transferred through an overnight visit, or a day visit. Once they are introduced, they can spread through an apartment building (from unit to unit).

Q: I kept getting bites on my body, but my other family member didn’t, is that normal?
A: Yes, it is normal, because everybody has different allergic reaction towards the bites. Some people does not react toward bites, therefore they do not feel itchy and do not notice any bites on their bodies. We suggest carrying out the bedbugs sniffing dog inspection to your place; alternatively you can always check with your doctor.

Q: What do bedbug bites look like?
A: These look like mosquito bites, however not everybody reacts to the bedbug’s bite and some people react more. It depends on a persons’ allergy level to the bite. When a reaction occurs, they are usually red, slightly raised, and itchy. Also, they are often found in rows or circles along arms or legs.

Q: Do bedbugs transmit diseases?
A: No, they have never been shown to be able to transmit any diseases.

Q: Does the cold kill the bedbugs?
A: To kill bedbugs, the temperatures would need to be below -30 degrees Celsius for 6-8 days. This doesn’t kill the bedbugs’ eggs, so if you brought it back inside the eggs could hatch and re-infest your unit. A hot wash and a hot dryer is a much better method to kill bedbugs.

Q: Are you guys only using heat for the treatment? I heard some companies will heat up the entire place, will that be more effective?
A: No, that is probably thermal heat application, and it is totally different procedure compare to our targeted heat application. Our targeted heat application will be MORE effective, because it will be a combination of inspection, targeted steam/insecticidal spray/vacuuming of nesting areas, with 30 days follow up as well. We always inspect the entire place first, and found the sources of problem, and concentrate our application toward to the infested areas. (Bedbugs are not always everywhere in the house, they are most likely near by the resting areas, therefore it is not necessary to heat up the entire house.

Q: Do you guys guarantee the job?
A: Yes, we do guarantee the job. If the preparation and recommendations are followed, we will provide 3 months guarantee to a single house, 30 days for townhouse/duplex, apartment. If all the adjacent units’ inspection will be done, if they are clear or will be treated, then we can provide 3 months guarantee

Q: What kind of dog do you have?
A: Border collie and Beagle cross jack Russel

Q: Where did your dog get the training?
A: Florida Canine Academy

Q: How accurate is your dog inspection?
A: A trained Dog offers a 90% accuracy rate, as opposed to the approximately 30% accuracy rate of a trained human inspector. For us, we will always carry out the Canine inspection followed by a visual inspection; therefore, we will always provide the most accurate inspection result. The trained K-9 unit will lead us to the infested areas, it is up to our technician to find the actual status of infestation, such as dropping, live activities, casing, nesting areas etc.

Q: Will the spray leave a stain?
A: Our sprays do not stain. We don’t spray on leather or other similar materials, as it can soak in and cause damage.

Q: I am not comfortable that you will spray any chemical to my furniture?
A: We will only spray/treat the seams/edges of the furniture, like the seam of mattress, underneath the bedframe, plus client always need use clean bedding, and do a thorough vacuuming to the treated place. For most of cases, we do not spray dining table, chairs, kitchen appliance, electrical appliances etc.

Alternatively, we can suggest heat chamber to the client, it will a chemical free way to eliminate bedbugs.

Q: Is the spray air-borne?
A: The spray is non-volatile and therefore is not in the air.

Q: I have bedbugs and how do you guys fumigate the place?
A: Fumigation is old treatment method, and we do not do fumigation to house/apt, we will do the targeted heat application to eradicate bedbugs.

Q: I have dog/cat/bird at home, can I leave them in unit while you guys doing the inspection/treatment?
A: NO. Pets need to be out of unit on the job day.
For the inspection, we do not want animal disturb our dog, as this is working K-9 dog. No feeding is allowed as well.

For the treatment, customer needs to take them away, and make sure that they should be out of treated place for at least 4 hours.

Q: I heard that other company can do 3 treatments for bedbugs, and it is cheaper, will be that better compare to your one time treatment?
A: Spray is the old traditional way to kill bedbugs, the spray doesn’t penetrate the bedbug eggs; therefore 3 treatments every 2 weeks are necessary to catch the eggs hatching and eradicate newly-hatched nymphs. For us, we always recommend the targeted heat application, which is more effective way to treat bedbugs.

Q: Do I have to wash all my clothing?
A: We recommend washing all clothing that could have come into contact with the bedbugs. This is especially the case for clothing on the floor, from suitcases and in drawers. Hanging clothing, provided it doesn’t touch the floor, should be okay.

Q: Do I need to prepare all the room? Are you going to treat the entire place?
A: Yes, please follow the preparation sheet; we are going to inspect and treat the entire house, including basement, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Please try your best to do the preparation, the better preparation you do, the better job we can carry out. (But we do not spray/treat kitchen cupboards, cabinet, pantry, as bedbugs do not stay in these areas.)

Q: What do I do if I have a heavy piece of furniture by the wall that I can’t move?
A: You can leave a heavy piece of furniture and our technicians will work around it.

Q: Do I have to get rid of my mattress? If I get rid of mattress, will the bedbugs’ problem be gone?
A: We would only recommend getting rid of the mattress if there is a very heavy infestation, especially if the mattress is ripped and the bedbugs are able to get inside the mattress itself. This is something that our technicians will recommend on site to either yourself or your resident manager. There are other alternative ways to keep it, such as using the heat chamber or using mattress/box spring covers.

This will get rid of the bedbugs that are on your mattress, but it doesn’t take into account the bedbugs that are behind the baseboards and other gaps.

Q: If I wrap my mattress in plastic, does this kill the bedbugs?
A: No. This can help to contain them inside the mattress, but it doesn’t kill the bedbugs. If you have covered your mattress or couch with plastic we would recommend removing it prior to a spray treatment. If it is left on, our spray isn’t able to penetrate the plastic to kill the bedbugs. We sell mattress/boxspring covers that can be used to keep your mattress/boxspring bedbug-free after the final treatment.

Q: Your tech did the steam/heat/spray to my place last week, and I still saw some bedbugs last night?
A: It is normal to notice some activity for two weeks after the spray. Our spray has very good residual effect. So, the bedbugs will come in contact with chemical. It is recommended to continue vacuuming the bugs for at least two weeks. Please keep monitoring the activity for two weeks and if the activity continues to increase, please contact our office again. I will send my tech to do a remedial spray. ( if the client called again after 2 weeks, then get exact details, such as got bites, area that they found problem, live or dead bedbugs, bed/couch has activities etc, send a tech for a remedial.

Q: I have serious medical condition/asthma/surgery; do you think 4 hours is enough time?
A: You should consult this situation with your doctor. You can get the MSDS sheet on our website. We are not doctors, and we cannot provide suggestion if this is related to your health.

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